The SWFC encourages participants to create their own forecasts, and to only use external resources/forecasts as guidance to their own.


High school students, undergraduates, alumni, graduate students, university faculty/staff and staff/faculty at any research institution.


  • Each participant must be associated with an institution.
  • Each institution registered will act as the team to which its participants are registered to.
  • Participants may register after the registration period and will still be eligible for monthly and contest awards.
  • Forecast groups (high school, undergraduate, ..., faculty/staff) are used for statistical purposes.
  • Passwords are encrypted as they are stored into the database.


  • Forecasts are to be made Monday through Friday between 04:00 and 23:59 UTC for Tuesday through Saturday between 00:00 and 23:59UTC.
  • Forecasters may forecast for any forecast day.
  • Plentary K-Index, particle flux (>=10MeV) and X-ray peak brightness forecasts should be for the maximum values for the forecast period.
  • Kp maximum predictions should be submitted as integers only.

Points system

The following are the points given for the top 5 forecasts in each of the three forecasting variables:

  • First place: 5 points
  • Second place: 4 points
  • Third place: 3 points
  • Fourth place: 2 points
  • Fifth place: 1 point


  • Ties receive the same point total.
  • All ties replace subsequent points positions. For example if two people tie for first, then the next points position will be for third place.
  • Ties are not limited to the number of points positions remaining.

If a forecaster does not forecast for a given day, they receive no penalty.



After each academic semester, the following awards will be given:

  • An award to the best individual forecaster.
  • A award to the best forecast team.


If a forecaster is found cheating, in any way, they will lose eligibility to any and all possible awards and be removed from the contest.


  • Rules are subject to change without notice
  • The Space Weather Forecast Contest will never give any of the user supplied registration information to anyone.
  • By registering for the contest you give the Space Weather Forecasting Contest permission to use your name on awards and the website.